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Wednesday 23rd of July 2014

     Lawyers Nepal

"Nationally established. internationally recognized

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It is necessary for everyone to know what the law says when it comes to legal matters no one can get away by saying "I didn't know the law", but it's not always possible for all to know all . Lack of easily accessible legal information and interaction has lead to the formation of will help to bridge the gap between the law and the people. is oriented towards providing legal interaction forum. It's an online tool designed to set up a platform of interaction for the lawyers and the people .When faced with legal problems we sometimes don't know where to get started or how to go about it. helps you find legal answers, solutions and guidance through our panel of eminent lawyers.

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Our features like Law Talk, Ask a Lawyer, Seminar, email and many more, are modeled to provide a interactive forum for the lawyers and the people as well.

You can shoot your legal inquires through Ask a Lawyer If you have any views or comments on any issues you can leave them on our message board Law Talk. Check in to Seminars to discuss burning issues .

It is now just a click away to get accessed to legal information and interaction. Your Suggestions and comments are most welcome and valuable to us.